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August 8, 2019
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August 8, 2019

Tax Advisory Services

We offer tax-related services which respond to the needs of your business to help minimize your tax liabilities and meet your tax compliance obligations. We will assist you in determining the proper tax compliance of your transactions with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) rules and regulations, preparation and filing of related reports and returns, securing approvals of mandatory requirements, and guide you all the way for a tax-efficient operation.

We can also perform tax studies and provide competent advice to clients on the tax implications of specific transactions or issues confronting the company based on relevant laws, regulations, court decisions, rulings and the first-hand experiences of our tax consultants.

We provide the following specific Bookkeeping and BSS engagements:

a) Tax compliance audit services will work with buyers in conducting tax due diligence with respect to a particular acquisition candidate. We assist in buyers analyze the tax history of the target and, where appropriate, secure additional representations, warranties, and indemnities from the sellers. In the conduct of a tax compliance audit, We point out to a client potential tax exposures and proposes remedial measures to minimize, if not to eliminate totally, identified tax exposures.

b) Tax controversy and litigation services has broad experience planning for and managing audits and various audit issues. It routinely handles BIR examinations at the revenue officer level, either directly or behind the scenes as an adjunct to its clients’ accounting or tax compliance department. We also takes charge of a BIR examination at the appellate stage, preparing a comprehensive written protest and conferring and deliberating with the reviewing revenue officers. Tax cases not settled at the administrative level are handled by tax litigators who are accomplished tax lawyers, experienced in transactional planning as well as litigation.

c) Corporate strategic tax planning for major cross border transactions, choosing business vehicles, identifying restructuring approaches, analyzing and developing tax-efficient acquisition, disposition or corporate division or reorganization structures for multinational companies, and assisting multinational companies in maximizing dividend pay-outs, redemptions, and other earnings distributions.

d) International strategic tax planning for tax-efficient structuring of cross-border investments, including optimum use of tax treaties, choosing business vehicles, and tax-efficient profit repatriation strategies. We are routinely called upon to provide advice to multinational companies with established international operations on the Philippine tax aspects of restructuring existing foreign operations.

e) Estate Planning Services secures for its clients during their lifetime the maximum benefits available from the possession and use of their property, and enable them to transfer the same to surviving family members (or other desired beneficiaries) with minimal shrinkage from applicable estate taxes and other property transfer costs. We work with clients to determine their lifetime giving objectives, including gifts/donations to younger generation family members, as well as the disposition of the estate at death.

f) Tax rulings services where we routinely obtains advance rulings with respect to particular transactions from the Law Division, the International Tax Affairs Division, or any other appropriate division of the BIR National Office. We has filed numerous ruling requests over the years and, in the course of its practice, it has obtained a number of significant and precedent setting or first impression rulings for clients.
g) Local Taxation services provides advise on clients on all aspects of local and real property taxation, we also provide overall tax planning and assistance in the conduct of audits, appeals and litigation. We have represented clients before the Municipal/City/Provincial Treasurer’s Office with respect to disputed local business taxes, and before the Municipal/City/Provincial Assessor’s Office, with respect to disputed real property taxes.