Tax Advisory Services

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August 8, 2019
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August 8, 2019

Tax Advisory Services

We offer tax-related services which respond to the needs of your business to help minimize your tax liabilities and meet your tax compliance obligations. We will assist you in determining the proper tax compliance of your transactions with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) rules and regulations, preparation and filing of related reports and returns, securing approvals of mandatory requirements, and guide you all the way for a tax-efficient operation.

We can also perform tax studies and provide competent advice to clients on the tax implications of specific transactions or issues confronting the company based on relevant laws, regulations, court decisions, rulings and the first-hand experiences of our tax consultants.

We provide the following specific Bookkeeping and BSS engagements:

  1. Tax return preparation and filing
  2. Tax compliance audit
  3. BIR assessment assistance
  4. Tax advocacy services
  5. Tax study
  6. Corporate tax planning
  7. BOI / PEZA / BOC filing

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