Special Engagements

Tax Advisory Services
August 8, 2019
Corporate Legal Services
August 8, 2019

Special Engagements

We offer Human Resource (HR) outsourcing service which lets start-up businesses and foreign companies delegate employee management tasks, such as benefits administration, payroll, recruiting, or training, to a professional HR firm instead of hiring internal HR staff. We offer payroll, benefits, and time and attendance to keep you in charge of your team’s data.

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Outsourcing

Accounts receivable outsourcing in the Philippines, allows you to hire a staff member who is dedicated to your business and its unique needs without the need to set up an extra desk in your office space! When you hire through Outsourced, you are getting a team member who operates the same as an in-house staff member would, they can be in touch as often as you like and you are guaranteed they are only working on the tasks you assign them

Accounts payable outsourcing in the Philippines not only gives you an opportunity to gain back some of your time, outsourcing these services also allows you to minimize costs and better allocate the time of your existing staff members, allowing them to focus on their core tasks.

Legal Outsourcing

We can provide you with a highly qualified team of legal support to assist you with any documentation you need completed. We can produce and advise on all documentation you may need from contract review, proofreading, providing amendment recommendations and negotiations to due diligence assessment and even administration and research. Our team are bound by ethical standards, and we pride ourselves on maintaining confidentiality.

Payroll Outsourcing

We process payroll by computing the compensation, benefits, tax deductions, and government contributions to ensure fast, efficient, and accurate payroll computation. To maintain consistency in our work, we have a dedicated team that manually cross-checks spreadsheets.

Our Payroll Process

  • Obtain timesheets and other documents from client
  • Compute gross salary, withholding income tax, and government contributions
  • Review payroll reports and send to client for approval
  • Submit final payroll reports to appropriate government offices