Business Support Services

We offer you our knowledge and experience in local statutory regulations and the highest ethical and moral standards of our services. We have a team in place for you to address specific accounting, payroll and government compliance issues. Our team will adopt a practical and efficient approach to help review your accounting, payroll and compliance needs and requirements and identify what the true risks are for you. This makes sure that any review or solution is entirely suitable for you as a business and will not be a “one size fits all” solution.

Through our highly skilled accountants, we provide solid support for key administrative functions such as accounting and payroll. Our specialist uses simplified worksheet and payroll software to get the job done. As professors of accounting and taxation in some prestigious universities and active practitioners in the field, we see to it that your books of accounts are maintained and payroll are computed in accordance with existing rules and regulations of the tax authorities, and other government agencies.

We understand the value of money, and as such, we commit to timely filing and submission of reports for government agencies and management considerations in line with their sound business judgement to avoid wasting funds on penalties.

We provide the following services:
a) Full Scope Bookkeeping Services
b) Compilation and/or Review of Accounting Transaction
c) Payroll Administration
d) Secondment of Personnel

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